Trump Reveals Major Social Security Changes – New Rule Could Drain Washington Swamp

It’s no secret that Social Security needs reform. The program was instituted by FDR and have received little improvements since then.

We’ve all heard stories about people who abuse the program. Many get benefits they don’t deserve.

Meanwhile, many who should qualify are rejected.

On top of that, the program wastes millions of taxpayer dollars.

Left-wing advocates are panicking as Trump’s SSA prepares a new rule for the program.

This new rule will require reviews of recipients every two years. All to make sure that people who no longer need support get off the program.

According to the report, this will result in hundreds of thousands of Americans getting off the government’s teat.

The new rule is pretty simple. It just requires an evaluation every two years. Already Democrats are panicking.

You mean to tell me people can’t put up with a simple review every two years? Is that too much to ask from people collecting free money from the government?

I guess Democrats wanted an unending blank check to be written to recipients, forever.

Having basic standards to eliminate waste and prevent cheats is somehow a bad thing?

It seems Democrats forget that this program exists because hard-working Americans are getting taxed.

That’s not the government’s money, that’s YOUR money. Shouldn’t the government set high standards and reviews?

This new rule will simply make sure only those who qualify for benefits get them. It will remove freeloaders, so families and individuals in need aren’t neglected.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

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